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Palaeolithic Stone Tools

The Palaeolithic, or early stone age period began in Britain Between 800,000 and 1 million years ago and lasted until the end of the last ice age, around 12,000 years ago.  For much of that time, Britain was an arctic region of glaciers or tundra. But during warmer interglacial periods successive waves of humans occupied the region.  Very few sites of habitation are known. The earliest is at Happisburgh (Pronounced Hazeboro) on the Norfolk coast which is as much as a million years old. Another notable site is that near the village of Boxgrove, just outside Chichester in West Sussex, which is 550,000 years old.  Many of the Palaeolithic tools found in England have not been found at such sites of habitation but in river terrace gravels where they were deposited by the waters from rivers and melting glaciers.


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